Education is among my top priorities. We must get our children off to a good start byJohn education 4 (800x533) making a significant investment in early childhood education. Research shows getting an early start pays big dividends later on when it comes to learning. I am a believer in Core Curriculum. It provides the basics, but I want our educators and administrators to strive for even greater academics. I will fight to make sure our public school districts receive the resources so our students can compete in a global economy. I want to make sure that private school students and parents are supported as well. I pledge to do my best to keep tuition as low as possible at Iowa’s Regents institutions. College graduates saddled with crushing debt keep our economy from thriving. I want to keep the Iowa Tuition Grant Program funded so students may have the opportunity to attend one of Iowa’s great private universities and colleges.

Investment in Iowa’s young people is an investment in Iowa’s future.

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