As a healthcare professional in Iowa, I will work to make sure all Iowans have access to quality health care. That is why I serve on the Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee in the Iowa legislature.John Pharmacy 2 (800x533)

In my first term, I worked with members of both parties to expand health care to include 150,000 Iowans in need.  We updated laws to fight Medicaid waste, fraud and abuse. I helped pass measures to assist counties with mental health services, and to continue mental health redesign for the State of Iowa. We set up a new system to screen newborns for heart defects, established vision screenings for youngsters and passed legislation allowing seniors stay in their homes longer. We worked to encourage more health care professionals to locate in Iowa.

I pledge to continue to work with members of both parties on health care issues for all Iowans.

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